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Anonymous: I hate when he leaves or something happens where you can't communicate and you just feel so lost :'( I hope you make it okay until he gets a phone. Long distance pain.... :/

Yea it’s shit 😔:/ because even 10 minutes without talking to him was horrible because I realised that it could be a few days before I hear his voice again or get an I love you text.
But thankfully he got his phone back and we’re able to talk so it’s all good :D

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Anonymous: I'm in a LDR with this amazing guy and we care about eachother so much. I've known him for over a year & a half but we've never met in person. We really got close this summer :/ I am so nervous to meet him even tho we still haven't made plans (he's in the UK & I'm in FL). Any advice?

Quite similar distance to mine and Taylor’s relationship since it’s UK to AL. Just don’t stress, you know him well enough. You must live video chat/Skype at some point before meeting if you haven’t already because you never know how well you know someone and you can’t trust someone until you see them even if it’s not irl face-to-face.
It’ll be a great experience to meet. Planning ahead helps to reduce the stress about it all. Taylor and I have researched some stuff beforehand, even though it’s still a couple years away because visas etc. are complicated so I’d strongly suggest you look up tourist visas and accommodation prices if your/his parents won’t let you/him stay. As well as flight prices and if you two will be staying on your own, food etc.
Wear a cute outfit that you feel comfortable in when you meet because it’ll build your confidence and you don’t want to be pulling at your outfit while you’re with them.
It’ll be amazing so don’t stress :) good luck x

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Anonymous: Don't stress darling! Just keep busy and the weekend will be here before you know it!

Thankfully he got his phone back so it’s all good :)

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Anonymous: hi

Hi anon x

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The best kind of guy is the one that can make his girl smile, even when she’s mad at him
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